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Comments (8)

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I agree with Charlene. I watched 24 min and then stopped.

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Such a piece of crap and an embarrassment for Claire Foy who I think is a great actress. I actually turned it off and just read a synopsis of it online. Really such a terrible, horrible, cheap, ridiculous, lurid film. For shame, Claire!

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Beth avatar

98 minutes that I won't get back. Besides the bad script and, with notable exceptions, poor acting, this movie is so incredibly ridiculous it's not even laughable. The storyline is preposterously unrealistic. Shame on you, Soderburg!

Anonymous picture

It's the storyline that grabbed me. Think for a moment of having your freedom taken have NO power at all; To me that is the worst nightmare ever.

Anonymous picture

I'm completely blown away by how bad this movie is. To call it a B-movie is almost too generous. Everything about it is utterly ridiculous: the lead actor's inability to speak with an American accent, the completely soulless friendship between her and Pharoah, the villain straight out of a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Acting was very good. Foy was amazing. But as for the the film itself, I liked the experimental nature and the iPhone visuals - once it settled in I thought it would be very good but it fell apart in the end in my opinion. Plus a lot of the plot turned out being non-believable. It might work ...Read more

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